3rd World Congress on Momentum, Heat and Mass Transfer (MHMT'18)
APRIL 12 , 2018 | 3:00 PM - 5:30 PM | BUDAPEST, HUNGARY

The MHMT'18 Congress is composed of 5 conferences

Workshop on “Advances in Two Phase Flow and Flow Boiling Phenomena in Microscale Channels”

Dr. Lixin Cheng

Applications of microscale channel two phase flow and flow boiling phenomena involved in traditional industries and highly specialized fields such as micro-fabricated fluidic systems, microelectronics, aerospace technology, micro heat pipes, chips cooling and various energy systems etc. have been becoming especially important since the late 20th century. Gas liuqid two phase flow and flow boiling heat transfer in microscale channels are quite different from those in conventional channels. Research on the relevant topics has been extensivley conducted to understand the very complex transport phenomena of microscale two phase flow and flow boiling over the past decades. New methods have been applied to measure the basic physical parameters at microscale and are continuously under development. New prediction methods and mathematical models have also been developed and are being continuously under investigation. However, there are quite contracdictory results in the availabe research. Furthermore, unified new theories and mechanisms are also urgently needed for two phase flow and flow boiling heat transfer in microscale channels.

To foster the research development of numerous evolving research topics, technologies and applications based on microscale channel two phase flow and flow boiling phenomena. The proposed workshop specially focuses on the frontiers and progress of research on two phase flow and flow boiling phenomena in microscale channels. It covers two phase flow regimes, flow boiling heat transfer, critical heat flux (CHF), two phase pressure drops and the relevant mechanisms and prediction methods in microscale channels. Future research needs and the relevant imerging technology will also be discussed.

The workshop will be held on April 12, 2018 from 3:00 pm - 5:30 pm. Registration for the workshop will be separate from the main conferences. The registration fee for the workshop will be €150 EURs (VAT included). Workshop attendees will receive a certificate of participation.

The registration deadline for the workshop is on March 13, 2018. Registration fees will be refunded only if the workshop is cancelled due to insufficient amount of registrants (less than 5).

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